ENEA JUNIOR POZNAŃ TRIATHLON 2019 is the second edition of this exceptional multisport competition for children.

In 2018 started nearly 400 competitors aged between 1 up to 12 lat. Taking into account a welfare of the young triathletes we have decided to organize the competitions once again in the facilities of the Poznań POSiR, a so called “Chwiałka” Leisure Centre. All these sport facilities and partially the adjacent John Paul II Park has been opened for young athletes what has enabled us to create a unique festival of the children triathlon.

Each aspect of the children competition is dedicated to make every participant feel appreciated, to make him/her feel the most important person on this very day. A child is like a diamond in the rough, that waits for somebody who help him/her shine.

Sport perfectly shapes a body and personality of our small treasures.

We invite You to join and have fun during the second edition of ENEA JUNIOR POZNAŃ TRIATHLON!